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Local South African Art at the best price! Framed and shipped door to door.


Corli Ras

“What you think, you create. What you feel, you attract. What you imagine, you become.”

To this artist, art is about sharing the growth and connections one makes on one’s life journey. In the process you are learning to hear your inner guidance’s voice more clearly. It is about operating from your own personal point of view and speaking your truth.

Coming from a place of knowing who you are, your power, your courage and your vulnerability. Viewers of your art creations relate to what they see on the basis of their own life journey.

Looking at an art piece is an experience. The message that the artist expresses onto the blank space is not always how it is perceived - this is the beauty of art. Everything is seen through your own filters.

Through your emotions, your memories, your point of view and your view on life. Art is experienced through perception and the perspective of the person looking at it.

This artist is inspired by artists like Alex Grey who captures dimensions of our world that we struggle to see for ourselves.

Her Instagram is @corliras



Locally Artisan Framed!

DFO Supporting Local Artist's

Using locally sourced wood and framed locally to ensure the best value for money, quality framed artwork!

Door to door delivery

Free for orders over a R1000 anywhere in South Africa

Get a wide variety of locally produced framed artworks delivered safely and securely to your doorstep anywhere in South Africa. Introduce some creativity into your home, office or lifestyle spaces with amazing artwork, that will keep your South African memory nostalgic and locally supportive.

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