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Local South African Art at the best price! Framed and shipped door to door.


Ivanna Izzy Fredman

"Be Dogma. Be you: the artwork that causes rebellion."

Ivanna, otherwise known as Izzy, is an animator, illustrator, and designer. She is intrigued by the uniqueness of human expression and the need for human connection. Dogma is a declaration of this uniqueness, where art exists to represent “self”. Yet, it also doesn't take itself too seriously.

She is influenced by queer expression and the inhabitants of the natural world. She has a love and fascination with anything cute and fluffy. Her illustrations embody an essence of fun and frivolity. Even with a more serious tone, her artworks always have an air of silliness embedded within.

Ivanna's biggest influences are artists she has admired throughout her childhood and her drawing journeys, such as Audra Auclair, Faunwood and Ten Hundred. The works she admires most are those who are unapologetically themselves and whose artworks reflect their very being. But most importantly, artworks with cute animals in them. You can follow both Izzy and Dogma on Instagram @skate_dogma.


Locally Artisan Framed!

DFO Supporting Local Artist's

Using locally sourced wood and framed locally to ensure the best value for money, quality framed artwork!

Door to door delivery

Free for orders over a R1000 anywhere in South Africa

Get a wide variety of locally produced framed artworks delivered safely and securely to your doorstep anywhere in South Africa. Introduce some creativity into your home, office or lifestyle spaces with amazing artwork, that will keep your South African memory nostalgic and locally supportive.

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