Base 5: The Chiaroscuro Technique - Drawing From Observation
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Base 4: Foreshortened Circles & Biomorphic Form
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Base 6: Composition, Design & Gestalt Principles

Base 5: The Chiaroscuro Technique

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In base five, we look at the chiaroscuro technique, which is utilised in visual arts to represent light and shadows that define three-dimensional objects. Then we switch over to linear perspective, a system to create the illusion of depth on a flat surface.

It’s important because you can realistically portray space and depth in your artwork by using math principles.

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Base 5

Congratulations you have mastered how to:

  • Understand and applying the chiaroscuro technique
  • Utilise light and shadows to define three-dimensional objects
  • Use linear perspective to create the illusion of depth on a flat surface
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