Exploring Atmosphere and Colour - Drawing From Observation
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Base 9: Character Illustration and Mannequin Expressionism
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Base 10: Exploring Atmosphere and Colour

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In base ten, we explore atmosphere and colour, combined with creating space within your artwork. This base further explores composition, design and the Gestalt principles. Composition by itself is a crucial element of art. It teaches the you to arrange and combine different fundamentals to avoid clustering your artwork. In the design module, you will learn about constructing the finer elements of the human body.

Last but not least, you will learn about Gestalt principles which have to do with similarity, continuation, closure, proximity, figure, symmetry & order. All of which is necessary when illustrating characters to convey realism in your art work.

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Base 10

Congratulations you have mastered how to:

  • Understand atmosphere and colour
  • Use composition to construct the finer elements of the human body
  • Use the Gestalt principles to create symmetry and order
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