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How To Guide | DFO Membership Options

Interview: Polelo Huma
March 11, 2020
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DFO Add Product To Cart Option
July 31, 2020

DFO Membership Options

User Registration

The first step to access DFO tutorials would be to choose a membership plan which will be best suited to you.
We provide 2 user memberships you can choose from.

Monthly Subscription & Yearly subscription

How to purchase a membership?

There are a few ways to purchase a new membership. In the main menu under Art Shop dropdown

On Sale
Colour Pencils
Pen and Ink

Choose either from monthly or yearly membership option.

You can purchase a membership in the art shop as well. Once in art shop navigate to the panel on your left, Their under Subscriptions you can choose between

Monthly Subscription & Yearly subscription

When you have selected a membership plan you feel would suit you best, click on the add to cart button. The selected membership will then be available in your cart so you can keep browsing everything DFO online has to offer.