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To all our fellow creatives:

Kindly note that due to the extension of lockdown, we have postponed the May DFO Live Demo & Social event. The next event has been tentatively planned for Saturday, the 4th of July 2020.

We will keep you updated when we have confirmed details.

Stay safe and #StayHomeSA


Drawing from Observation provides creatives of all levels with an opportunity to learn, create and gain exposure.

Drawing from Observation’s live demonstrations support our mission: “close the gap”. We’re building a creative community that shares the same passion and seeks to improve, experiment and grow creatively no matter their background or creative level.

We source two local talented artists to take attendees through a step-by-step session, passing their experience and advice while applying new techniques to an eventual work of art. Our demonstrations bring different people together, resulting in high energy, a constant flow of creativity and an experience that will inspire you long after the event.

To create an artwork, you need the right tools. Faber-Castell, a trusted brand for creatives, is our official event sponsor. We’ve been fortunate enough to have the opportunity to sample some of their products at our events as well as offer you some incredible Faber-Castell product deals that you simply will not find elsewhere. Drawing from Observation inspires many but we feel just as inspired by philanthropy.

We believe in giving back to our local community and doing something that makes a difference in the lives of our fellow South Africans. We open this platform to those who wish to be a part of a cause greater than oneself. Our initiatives will focus on a variety of challenges such as stationary for students, art lessons for those who do not have access and raising funds for schools or small communities. More information about this will follow shortly.

Our live demonstrations are more than just an art class. This is the physical form of our growing creative community where illustrators have a platform for exposure and pass down personal knowledge that will resonate with any creative. This is an opportunity to be noticed for your artistic ability. This is a chance to learn and develop skills you probably think you don’t have.

This is the time to do something out of the ordinary on your Saturday and be surrounded by an experience of authenticity. This is a way to join a community that cares about our community.


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