DFO Competition

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Portrait Perfection!

Enter the Drawing from Observation illustration competition and stand a chance to win great prizes and gain exposure.
This is our third competition and instead of measuring an overall artwork, we will be reviewing how you apply the below techniques to the artwork you submit for entry.


- Use the techniques defined below to create a masterful portrait. As previously mentioned we will be selecting finalists and a winner will be chosen according to outlined techniques used.
NB: Make sure to sign your artwork with your name to confirm your identity.

DFO Competition
The winner will be also contacted directly to discuss the details of their prizes. Submission for artworks close on Friday, February 28th at 12:00. The Top 10 finalists will be announced the following Monday.


Using an image of reference or not, apply the following to create an outstanding portrait:

How to draw the eye:


How to draw a nose:


How to draw lips:


Lips are a good balance of curved strokes, shapes and contours. The length of the curved strokes changes as you move from the corners of the mouth to the center. Take note of the shadows around the lips depending on the light of your subject or portrait in mind.


Mark Making

DFO Competition

As a warm-up, try drawing straight lines from the top of the page down. Draw diagonal and horizontal lines, turning the paper, so that you’re still dragging the pencil vertically from top to bottom. In creating curved lines, keep your hand in one position and draw an arc from right to left, again moving the paper to continue the motion.

DFO Competition

If you’re attempting to draw the different textures and materials of a person’s hair, clothing, or environment, try using different marks and strokes. Practice making different weights of line by changing the angle of your pencil, bearing down heavily, or barely skimming the surface of the page.


EYES: Profile View

DFO Competition

In profile, the iris is part of the curve of the full circle of the eyeball.

DFO Competition

The circular curves of the eyeball and eye socket are still present when the eye is closed.



DFO Competition
DFO Competition

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