Onboarding | Drawing From Observation

Meet Drawing From Observation, the platform that was created by artists for artists

DFO leverages the digital sphere’s power to enable any artists to sell their art
and cultivate and grow their respective trademark as an artist

No inventory risks

Save money by producing only what’s ordered and forget about unsold inventory

Fast product releases

Jump on trends and sell products with new designs with minimal efford

Freedom to customize

Experiment with limited-edition products with exclusive designs to keep your customers engaged


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Onboarding Steps

Provide your basic information
On the Basic Info page, please provide us information which we will use to get your profile and product page ready.
Provide DFO with your artwork information
On the Art By Frame page, you will be shown examples of how the excel document looks and the fields you need to populate to provide DFO with the required information to build your product page.
Send DFO your artwork
The next step would be to send DFO your digital copies of your artwork in the sizes you would like to sell them online. Please make sure your image title matches the SKU number allocated to the product in the excel documentation. For the best printing quality please ensure your artwork is no less then 300dpi. Please send your images along with your copy of the excel document via WeTransfer to marketing@drawingclasses.co.za
DFO will set up your account and product page
DFO team will in the mean time take the information you provided via the excel document on the art by frame page along with the images you have sent via WeTransfer to construct your product pages and make sure it is Eccommerce ready.
Your payment details
For safty purposus, DFO team will contact you to get your preferred account details so that DFO can pay you your profits made at the end of each month.

New Membership