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Interview: Andre van Wyk

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Interview: Hari Lualhati

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Getting to Know Andre van Wyk

1. Tell DFO a little bit more about yourself

During office hours I'm a graphic- and web designer and DTP operator. I love what I do. Afterhours it is art. Mainly airbrushing. Some acrylic painting and some graphite drawing.

Like all artists, I have been drawing since childhood but seriously only about 10 years.

I get easily bored even if I'm very busy. I use drawing, painting and airbrushing as a way to push myself and see how good I can be. I also travel to get away from mundane environment.

2. From an art perspective: What are your biggest weaknesses?

Biggest weakness is I'll rather be alone in my studio than with family and friends. I also do give myself enough time to learn a new medium/style. Like all artist, I want to be good at it yesterday already.

3. Be bold – tell us: "Where do you see yourself in five years?"

I would just like to make a living as an artist. My medium and style is very unique.

4. Out of thousands of artists in SA, why should people appreciate your art?

My medium and style is very unique. There aren't many airbrush artists in the country and I'm good with my preferred subject matter

5. "What do you like about being in the creative industry? / What do you enjoy about using your creative talent?"

I enjoy the freedom to put my mark out there.

6. What do you consider to be your biggest creative achievement??

I'm good in my medium and has been asked numerous times to offer classes.

7. Tell us about the last time a client, family or friend questioned your art or creativity. Elaborate on what happened.

"You should sell your art" is the most common comment. It's just that easy.

8. When working on art "describe your definition of done."

When I'm bored with the project.

9. When creating, what kind of work environment do you like best?

At the office there are obviously various departments working together on a project but I'm alone in my office. For my art I work best when I'm alone and late at night. From 8-11 is normally my best time  

10. Define your creative/drawing style?

Realism. I like trying to fool people and make them think they are looking at a photograph.

One of my favourites is one I did of SA singer Francois van Coke and I met him and he signed it for me. It is hanging proudly in my studio.

11. What can we expect from you in the near future?

Hopefully my own art studio and maybe teaching my craft.

12. What advice would you give young aspiring artists?

Start as early as you can. Don't listen to the neigh-sayers.